Cristas returns criticism to Santos Silva – Jornal Económico

The president of the CDS-PP returned to Augusto Santos Silva today the accusations of dragging institutions "into the mud" with the case of Tancos and recalled the accusations of gutter journalism when she was minister.

“I know there is the old maxim of who gets into PS, take it, but here at CDS there's no fear of telling the truths. And the one who puts the political institutions in the mud is the one who keeps a candidate for deputy involved in a process, who apparently knew what happened, and when he should scrutinize the government, was somehow covering up the government, ”said Asunción Cristas.

The CDS-PP leader, who was speaking midway through a visit to the harvest fair in Arouca, Aveiro, countered that “these words” by the Foreign Minister, who accused the right-wing parties of dragging “the institutions of the Republic into mud ”,“ apply well to PS ”.

“And I return them to Minister Santos Silva and candidate as well. We still remember well when he accused journalism of being gutter journalism, ”he added.

On the CDS-PP side, the party leader promised to defend “the people who want to know what happened in Tancos” in what “it was an absolutely shameful government action to discredit” the institutions and democracy.

Socialist minister Augusto Santos Silva today accused in Matosinhos, PSD and CDS-PP of mixing political and judicial issues.

“We do not want to bring the institutions of the Republic to the mud, we know that justice and politics are different domains, we know that the Armed Forces are a representative institution of the whole country, we know that judicial issues are resolved in the courts and that political issues are about parliament and politics, ”said Santos Silva.

The ruler rebelled against "the degradation of political language, against slander and personal offense."

"Dr. Assunção Cristas seems to want to sink the level of the democratic political debate in Portugal, but it is now evident to everyone, just look at the polls, that she is going to sink," she said.

The Socialist list leader in the constituency outside Europe also accused the PSD president of forgetting his principles in the case of Tancos.

“Rui Rio has called for serenity and elevation when it comes to justice, he has rightly said that to be accused is not to be convicted – and that there is only one place where all this can be decided: in the courts. But Dr. Rui Rio was waiting for the first opportunity to disprove his own theory, ”said Santos Silva.

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