Cristina Ferreira on Cláudio Ramos: "What I gave you, was the most difficult task in the world" – News

Cristina Ferreira on Cláudio Ramos: "What I gave you, was the most difficult task in the world" - News

During the past week, Cláudio Ramos was at the head of "Cristina's Program" – the presenter was on vacation and handed the keys to her 'neighbor'. Before returning to her 'home', Cristina Ferreira dedicated a text to her colleague.

"Even before I made it, I knew it. The Cristina Program was, from the first day, prepared to the detail. I do not know how to do it any other way. I do not live the day to day. I live today, always keeping an eye on the future. You must see beyond. I just heard this phrase in a brilliant movie, full of messages, on the plane. 'Secret Elements'. Making a program by yourself (which it never is) presupposes a very unique identity. This was imagined by me even before I dreamed it in the air. It's my reality, "begins by writing Cristina Ferreira on her Daily Cristina blog.

In the text, the presenter stresses that her reality is also, from day one, the reality of Claudio and of an entire team. "" My reality is demanding. No one will ever imagine how difficult it is to do this program. Three hours to my way, full of detail, meaning, surprise, emotion. Only we know how demanding. But rewarding. Because every person who sees us daily does not know, but gives us the responsibility to continue like this, "he confesses.

"Every message I received from Claudio told me that I had not slept, that I had never felt such pressure, I explained that I was only feeling what I felt from the first day, not because I wanted to win. I did not want to say anything to him, I did not want to impose anything on him or intensify him. I said the day I met him the first time: the house key is not given to almost anyone, "he says.

In her blog Daily Cristina, the presenter reveals that she has never seen the show live, but has been following through the social networks. "Cláudio, I want you to know that I rarely make mistakes in people. One day we may not be in the same neighborhood, you can stop being a neighbor, but you will always be the person I entrusted the light to. And even if you had made all the mistakes in the world, I would still be able to see the light of day. knowing that he had made the right decision, "says Cristina Ferreira.

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