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Sample illustrations, photographs, sculpture inspired by the work of José Régio or captured in his house-museum will also be patent, but still on a date to be defined.

At the end of the year will be presented a show created by Pedro Lamares through the study and research of the work of José Régio and, in July, during the Vila do Conde Short Film Festival, the writer will be featured, with the presentation and debate of the "The glory of making films in Portugal" by Manuel Mozos, "Douro fluvial", "The paintings of my brother Júlio", "Romance of Vila do Conde", "The poet crazy, stained glass and holy death" , by Manoel de Oliveira.

In Portalegre, there will also be a film cycle for viewing films related to the author's literary work transposed to the big screen, with comments by critics and film scholars, as well as a cycle of short films and photographs from private collections.

From the cinema to the theater, there is a dramatic re-creation of regal characters in the female, and a play of tribute to José Régio, titled "From Human to Divine."

In Portalegre, also with no definite date, there will be recitals of music and poetry.

With regard to street initiatives, a plastic installation of the artist Daniel Eime will be made, from the face of José Régio on the facade of his house.

Through the façades of the vacant buildings scattered around the city of Vila do Conde will be scattered poems and drawings of Régio printed in large format.

There will be pedestrian trajectories "affective of the author", literary itineraries and dinner tasting with a menu that recreates gastronomic dishes to the taste of the writer.

The schools will host marathons for reading poems, as well as drawing and literature contests.

In terms of conferences and publications, the organizers highlighted a cycle of conferences and round tables, and the edition of a perpetual agenda by José Régio, as well as some of his works, by the publisher Opera Omnia: "Biography of José Régio, by Eugénio Lisbon "," Poetic Anthology "," Game of the blind goat "," Stories of women "and" three pieces in one act ".

According to the organizers, this is a program "very vast, that does not close in these entities and is open to proposals from other institutions – such as universities or local cultural associations – that they want to join.

One of the objectives of this initiative is to draw attention to the importance of this man – also founder of Presença magazine – for Portuguese literature and culture of the twentieth century, but which has been "badly treated."

"Let's hope that education and culture have an interest in José Régio different from what has been until today. It is important to value the name of these people who gave so much to our country, "said the mayor of Portalegre, Adelaide Teixeira.

Regretting that it was out of school curricula that it was mandatory to speak at Régio, the official criticized the fact that in Portugal "writers" are treated so poorly, and then other "outsiders" are given greater importance.

The organizers of the initiatives hope with this program to make Jose Régio better known in Portugal, but also in Portuguese-speaking countries, and help the author to be approached in school curricula to be known to the younger classes.

"The idea is to rethink somehow what should have been done a few years ago, which is to give due respect and due place to this name and great figure of the Portuguese culture that is José Régio," added Adelaide Teixeira.

In order to create an identity for this evocative project of José Régio, a graphic image was developed, with one of the poet's best-known verses – "I do not know where I'm going, I do not know where I'm going, I know I'm not going" -, and created an Internet site – -, where all the programming will be disseminated throughout the project.

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