Cycling / Cape Verde: Four cyclists participate in the festivities of the municipality of São Filipe

Cycling / Cape Verde: Four cyclists participate in the festivities of the municipality of São Filipe

The cycling event of the festivities of the Municipality Day and the Flag of São Filipe, in Cape Verde, counted this year with the participation of four cyclists, and none of them in representation of the municipality.

The event, which took place on the Campanas de Baixo -São Filipe course, with a distance of about 25 kilometers, was attended by two cyclists from the island of Santiago (Praia) and others representing the municipality of Santa Catarina do Fogo Aleixo -sul) and was won by António Gonçalves, a cyclist from the locality of Fonte Aleixo Sul, in the municipality of Santa Catarina, with long minutes of advancement over the second place.

António Gonçalves, winner of the race, thus registered his name on the list of winners of the event, following cyclist Amílcar Frederico from the island of Santiago (São Domingos) last year and Yuram Michel from S. Vicente, winner in 2017.

António Gonçalves, who has participated several times and finished in third and second places, the latter last year, acknowledged that he is growing and that the victory is the result of work and training carried out over time, having as its strong point the climbs and it was precisely in the main climb of the course that left behind the other participants.

In second position was Carlos Alberto Mendes, from the island of Santiago (Praia), who participated for the first time in the cycling event of São Filipe, with Mário Cesar Pires, Cidade da Praia, closing the podium. Nilton Fernandes Pires, from Fonte Aleixo-sul (Santa Catarina) was fourth.

This is the first time that the race has had less than five cyclists, less four than last year, in which a total of nine cyclists participated, from the islands of Fogo, Brava, Santiago and Nicolau.

The low circulation of the race is considered as one of the reasons for the poor participation of cyclists in the race, as happened in the men's and women's athletics event held on Sunday, which had a total of nine participants, only one in the female category .

At this moment the women's football tournament and the final of the São Filipe cup in basketball take place.

Already for Tuesday, April 23, the handball cup final and the launch of the book "Conservation of the built heritage" by the architect Manuel Spencer Lopes dos Santos are scheduled, and in the morning a group of students from the school Secondary Pedro Verona Pires, from Ponta Verde, makes a visit to the House of the Flags, with passage through the Museum of the Flags, as well as the Mother Church, municipal museum and House of Memory for knowledge of aspects related to the flags of the island of Fogo in a general way, and of various cultural aspects of the island.

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