David Carreira on controversy: "They hurt me some comments" – Current events

David Carreira on controversy: "They hurt me some comments" - Current events

David Carreira is one of the highlights in the social networks and national press this Friday due to his participation in a Brazilian program, where he adapted the accent of 'brother country'. The moment was not long in causing reactions in social networks – some caricatures, but mostly negative.

Many of the singer's fans considered the attitude a way of "denying their origins", which led David to publicly react to the controversy.

After appealing to the InstaStories to clarify that it was only a strategy for the Brazilian public to understand it, the artist returned to the social network to make a publication highlighting his point of view.

"It's complicated to be in Brazil and see what has been going on in Portugal in the last few hours. I came to Brazil to promote my work and Portuguese music, and seeing what happens there I feel like coming back already because some of my comments hurt me . Promoting music here is important to me but I always want to feel the support of Portugal. If I speak in Brazilian Portuguese in my interviews here, it is so that the public of Brazil who has difficulty understanding the Portuguese of Portugal can understand me better and thus take my music further, "he began by writing.

He added: "I am not the first singer to try and speak the language of the country where he is promoting his work. In all the interviews I give here, I am proud to be Portuguese. If I make an effort to speak Brazilian Portuguese is not with the intention of denying my origins but rather of getting our music as far as possible. I just have to thank my fans because they have once again shown that they always support me. "

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