David Justino argues that "it's not obvious" that Rui Rio decides to re-apply – The Economic Journal

PSD Vice President David Justino said today that "it is not obvious" that Rui Rio decides to re-apply to the party leadership, noting that the party will only announce the decision when internal criticism subsides.

“I think that Dr. Rui Rio, as he is already recognized and characteristic of his way of acting, will not express himself when there is this authentic chorus of candidacy, criticism, attacks, etc. While this lasts for sure he will not present [a decisão quanto à recandidatura à liderança do PSD]. When he understands that he has made his decision, he will announce. There is no taboo, ”said David Justino on the TSF Almoços Livre radio program.

Asked if the party is still mostly with Rui Rio, the Social Democratic vice-president answered in the affirmative and said that there are conditions to continue the project that the current president has started for over a year and a half.

"I still think so, and above all, the strategy and the choice that was made a year and a half ago is still pertinent," Justino said at the TSF program in which he is discussing with PS President Carlos César.

The internal challenge to Rui Rio's leadership rose sharply after the 27.9% of votes cast in last Sunday's legislature, with former minister and former leader Miguel Relvas saying that “the PSD cannot be a party of minimal services. "

On the contrary, the historic Social Democratic leader and former minister Angelo Correia said, to whom Rio should announce by the end of this week the candidacy.

Also the PSD districts are taking a stand, some in favor of the continuity of Rui Rio and some against.

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