DBRS to comment on Portugal's 'rating' today after improving outlook in April – Jornal Económico

According to this year's rating update schedule, DBRS may revise its assessment of Portugal today.

In the last review, on April 5, DBRS has improved Portugal's rating outlook from stable to positive, which means it can move up its rating to BBB at a later rating.

"The positive outlook reflects DBRS 'view that rating risks are sloping to the upside," the Canadian financial rating agency said on April 5, adding that "the budget deficit is approaching slowly balancing and the public debt-to-GDP ratio is declining at a healthy pace ”, and noting that“ bad credit from Portuguese banks is also falling significantly ”.

On May 24, the US financial rating agency Fitch also improved Portugal's rating outlook from stable to positive, meaning it could move up its rating to 'BBB' next year. evaluation in november.

On August 9, the US financial rating agency Moody's also raised the outlook for the Portuguese public debt from stable to positive, maintaining the rating at Baa3, a level above the rubbish.

That day, Finance Minister Mário Centeno told Lusa to expect Moody's increase in Portugal's rating outlook in the future to bring “new moves to improve debt rating”.

More recently, on September 13, the US financial agency Standard & Poor's (S&P) also revised its outlook on Portugal's rating from stable to positive, keeping the Portuguese long-term debt rating at ' BBB '.

The following day, on 14 September, the finance minister welcomed in Helsinki the improved outlook on Portugal's assessment by the Standard & Poor's rating agency, and said the country should be aware of the importance of these “ moments".

"Another good news about the trust, the credibility of the economic, financial and budgetary process in Portugal," said Mário Centeno that day, upon arrival at a meeting of European Union finance ministers.

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