Debate European elections in Faro memorable with "Pure Democracy" brand for a better Algarve – Algfuturo – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Debate European elections in Faro memorable with "Pure Democracy" brand for a better Algarve - Algfuturo - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Increase in the plurality of opinions of the Candidates, proposed solutions for the Algarve and cooperation agreements. Delegation of Algfuturo to the European Union and the European Parliament's Office at the association's headquarters.

1. The balance of the regional debate on the European elections, held this weekend with full solemnity in a crowded Faro Chamber Hall (institutionally reinforced by the reception of the Mayor, Dr. Rogério Bacalhau, receiving and welcoming all the candidates), was summarized by the participants in the word EXCELLENT, in pure democracy, in itself and as a factor to combat abstention.

Great, the ALGFUTURO – ENTREPRENEURIAL UNION OF ALGARVE, but also for the frontal and serious way in which everything was exposed and its contradictory and bases of cooperation / participation consensual between ALGFUTURO and the representatives of Portugal, in Brussels / Strasbourg , or in the Office of the European Parliament (EP) in the Algarve (to be opened at the Headquarters of the association), receiving problems from voters and available to MEPs for assistance and channeling information.

2. The President of ALGFUTURO, José Vitorino, made the initial intervention, Professor António Covas was the moderator and Professor Luís Coelho, vice-president of ALGFUTURO, summarized the conclusions. The keynote speakers were the seven Candidates referred to below, joined by associative leaders and personalities from all sectors and all over the Algarve, who openly put questions to the Candidates.

Were highlighted the enormous potential and richness of the Algarve, but also the weaknesses and imbalances, with the firm determination of the region not to be accommodated or resigned to postponements in aspects that are of sustainability and even survival in the face of the risks of collapses that have to be avoided at all costs, preventing.

For this, the Reference Framework 20/30 is of imperative importance, between EU support and budget of the State Budget, guaranteeing more wealth, more social cohesion, more competitiveness, significant mitigation of seasonality, etc., through:

A) Infrastructures – Water (Foupana dam (can not wait another day) and guarantee of reinforcement of the Algarve subsystems from Alqueva, if necessary); New Central Hospital; response in basic sanitation; social infrastructures.

B) Programs – For the interior and saw, with special effort for the revitalization of Monchique, in the face of the drama of the fires and postponement of bottom solutions; General requalification of the Algarve (roads, berms, signs, walls etc.)

C) Seasonality and diversification of markets – Free movement of the 8.5 million Andalusians in the Algarve, free of charge, ensuring millions of cultural exchanges and consumption throughout the year. . The Guadiana bridge was a huge opening achievement, and now the entrance barriers are absurd. Neighbors do not close doors, let alone when they like to come to the Algarve, we like to welcome them and we need them to come.

Likewise, the promised renewal of the railroad, end works on EN125 and the planned rail link to Europe from the south, are to maintain, and to strengthen betting on sea / fisheries, agriculture and new technologies.

Brexit is a major concern because of the Algarve's heavy reliance on tourism and because the sector relies on almost half the UK

3. The interventions of the Candidates were of great richness and diversity, which makes a brief summary, always difficult and certain of their understanding and also taking into account that soon will be available on facebook ALGFUTURO everything in full.

Dra Margarida Marques (PS): for a new Social Contract for Europe that translates into an Agenda for Growth and Employment and an Agenda for Innovation and Sustainability. It detailed the measures taken by the Government in view of the existing and potential negative impacts of Brexit.

Eng. Maria Graça Carvalho (PSD): Special attention to the young electorate and to the 1st job, but also to climate change, research and development and security.

Rui Ribeiro (CDU): people want and need another Europe, another Europe is possible outside the euro zone, for the sovereignty and autonomy of national policies. By regionalization, against the decentralization of skills.

A. Marinho and Pinto (PDR): EU has brought well-being, but there is an absolute need to re-found and bring people closer to the institutions, through an effective reinforcement of citizenship. He called for political regionalization.

Alexandre Abreu (BE): a proposal to defend democracy, against ultraliberal and authoritarian drifts and for a Europe of peoples who decide their destiny.

Bruno Ferreira Costa (Alliance): A proposal with 21 measures to affirm Portugal, for a new attitude in Brussels and for social cohesion as a principle transversal to all policies,

Paulo Morais (Us Citizens): strengthening European citizenship, transparency, civic debate and combating corruption, by strengthening the democratic basis of the Union.

4. The organization makes public its recognition for the availability expressed by the Candidates (already manifested personally by the President of ALGFUTURO) and the relevant service they have provided to democracy by participating in this debate, by the clarity of positions, the confrontation of ideas and proposals and availability of cooperation with ALGFUTURO, especially in the Algarve.



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