Debate. Small parties waved flags for 'golden card' for Parliament – Jornal Económico

The last televised debate for the parliamentary elections, scheduled for October 6, brought the leaders and representatives of parties without parliamentary seats face to face on Monday. Over the course of two and a half hours, the 15 candidates (13 leaders and two headlists from Lisbon) presented their electoral proposals in an inconclusive debate, marked by the themes of Tancos, Government solutions and campaign actions. There is still no lack of criticism of the way in which they were excluded from the major debates and the media focus given to them.

The debate, broadcast by RTP from the Lisbon Faculty of Dental Medicine, started with an equal question for everyone: “If I were a deputy, would you vote for an extraordinary standing committee to investigate the case of Tancos?” Mendo Castro Henriques, We, Citizens! leader, was selected by lot to be the first to respond and quickly opposed the measure, saying it is up to the courts to rule on this case.

Alongside Mendo Castro Henriques, also Fernando Loureiro, leader of the United Party of Pensioners and Pensioners (PURP), Filipe Sousa, of Juntos por Pueblo (JPP), Gonçalo da Câmara Pereira, of the Popular Monarchical Party (PPM), Joacine Katar- Moreira, the head of Livre by Lisboa, and José Pinto Coelho, from the National Renewing Party (PNR), showed themselves the measure.

The PURP prefers to wait for the end of the campaign, while JPP considers that “the Portuguese want to know about other topics” and the PPM says that the image of the Armed Forces is being denigrated. Already Livre thinks that one should trust the institutions that exist and the PNR goes further and says that this is a matter that goes beyond the courts. “These people should be all arrested and never get into political office,” said José Pinto Coelho.

In favor of the investigation by an extraordinary permanent commission, the Portuguese Labor Party's (PTP )'s Ârmandio Madaleno voted, André Ventura of the Chega, António Marinho and Pinto of the Democratic Republican Party (PDR), Carlos Guimarães Pinto of the Liberal Initiative, Gil Garcia , from the Socialist Alternative Movement (MAS), Maria Cidália Guerreiro, head of the Communist Party of Portuguese Workers' Party (PCTP / MRPP) by Lisbon, Manuel Ramos, from the Earth Party MPT-Movement, and Vitorino Silva, from the React-Include -Recycle (RIR).

Among the justifications mentioned were the fact that this is a matter that “jeopardizes the security of the country”, the lack of alternatives to “determine political responsibilities” and the fact that “judicial responsibilities” are found in court.

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