Defects in the law caused failure of use in the Algarve

Defects in the law caused failure of use in the Algarve

Eight days after publication funds ran out. Unbelievable. Algarve justifies funds to fight the virus between 150/190 million

Since the appearance of the new virus, ALGFUTURO IS THE ONLY unofficial organization to take on this fight for any region.

With great effort and civic mobilization we aim to achieve the status of the safest region in Europe for the Algarve.

Fortunately, we have contributed to this, making the Algarvians aware of good practices, theirs and those of those who visit us.

The ADAPTAR program is one more step that we will gain in expecting appropriate government conduct. However it started badly and has not yet corrected. ALGFUTURO is on the ground and ready (in the images on CULATRA Island between local leaders and businessmen).

First big mistake: To allocate only 50 Million euros to a universe of about ONE million Micro companies. It was fatal that they didn't even serve as an aperitif.

Second error: the system accepted everything and all amounts without any sieve. Equity was soon compromised.

THE BIG MISTAKE IN THE ALGARVE: when establishing a national budget, the Algarve, which has to be a priority for what it represents in national tourism, saw the approximately 70% potentially candidate companies submerged in the national million. The result was a disaster in the universe to cover.

Regardless of the country as a whole, the Algarve has to count on a ceiling for MICROS never lower than 80/100 million.

As for SMEs (up to 249 workers), in a potential universe of around 40,000, the amount to be allocated should be around 70/90 million.

These are investments that will have to be made with excellence and HEALTH.


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