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The time of greatest headache for Portuguese families will begin as early as next Monday. We are obviously talking about the delivery of the annual IRS statement that this year extends for three months, between April 1 and June 30.

This period is valid for all taxpayers, irrespective of the category of income (pensioner, employee, worker with green receipts or other income).

The vast majority of taxpayers who earn only income from pensions or self-employment, have a simpler life. They have the automatic IRS delivery at your disposal.

If you are not covered, you must file the IRS Form 3 (Category A or H).

As in 2018, this year will only be possible to proceed with the delivery of the declaration by electronic means, and for this, it is necessary that the taxpayer has a password to access the Finance Portal.

In order to make the annual income tax return process more convenient and faster, the Tax and Customs Authority (TA) has been introducing, year after year, new procedures and functionalities that promise to reduce (even more) the effort and time spent on IRS delivery.

This year is no exception and AT has already made available a guide that will help you step by step to fill out your annual statement without errors. See HERE the tips of the Treasury.

No internet or computer? know where to ask for help

The TA advises that, when it is necessary to use the support to carry out this procedure by means of the physical movement to a Finance Service, Citizen's Area or Parish Council, the taxpayers are accompanied by their password to access the Finance Portal .

Between Financial Services, Citizens' Spaces and Town Councils, there are almost 2000 free and official help sites to deliver the IRS, which you can check from this list provided by Finance.

The document presents the location by district, locality and address, and also specifies the type of service, that is, if a given location has digital assisted attendance or by dialing.

AT recommends that taxpayers contact these services in case of questions about days and times. You can do this through the Telephone Answering Center (217 206 707).

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