Democratic force of debate and populations, accelerate solutions by the public power

Democratic force of debate and populations, accelerate solutions by the public power

Another Public Session: 18th (Saturday), 15h00, in the Silves Town Hall building

Silves City Council hosts another important debate session on water issues in the Algarve, sponsored by the University of Algarve (UALg) in partnership with ALGFUTURO, to whom the organizers in advance express their appreciation for the committed support of the mayor and employees.

The session is open and includes in particular the Councils of Silves, Albufeira, Lagoa, Portimão and Monchique, with rich citrus and vineyard productions, as well as forest areas, although citizens from other municipalities may participate.

It is in the municipality of Silves that the Arade, Odelouca and Funcho dams are located, of strategic importance for agriculture and urban supply, in which several problems have been dragged and with shortages caused by the drought period, with the expectation that they can be solved. against the force of public dynamics, through the strong adherence of the population to the largest debate ever about the problems of water supply in the Algarve.

But this is how democracy can and should work: when public powers for various reasons fail to resolve, the power of civil society debate, mobilization and voting emerges as a decisive factor in unlocking solutions. In general, this has happened now, where much of the claims publicly disclosed as necessary in the face of the prolonged drought have already met with responses from public authorities. The Algarve was winning and no one was diminished or disregarded. Things naturally work like this when there is slowness or resistance from the powers.

Short-term measures that we have already presented and which are awaiting response are still pending, but work is continuing to move forward in cooperation and hand in hand with the public authorities, as we have already repeatedly communicated to the authorities. officers.

It is a subject in which there should be no disputes of protagonism, but all proposals must be put together, and all shout out with one voice, VICTORY!

This balance will be made at the Silves Session.

The presence of the University Rector and President of Algfuturo by the Organizing Committee and the Mayors of Silves, Albufeira and Monchique are already confirmed.



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