Deputies postpone vote on Health Law due to public-private partnerships – The Economic Journal

The vote on the controversial articles of the proposed Basic Law on Health as the public-private partnerships under discussion in parliament was postponed to June 11.

A new Basic Law on Health is being voted on by a working group in the Assembly of the Republic (indiscriminate votes) and today was scheduled to vote on paragraph three of base 18, which concerns public-private partnerships.

The PS wants the new law to express that the management of health facilities is public, "being able to be supplemented and temporarily secured by contract with private or social sector entities," something with which the parties on the left turned against, not wanting to reference to private entities in health management.

On Friday, in the working group, when MPs were to vote on base 18, MP Paula Santos of the PCP asked that this part of the bill be voted on only in the Health Committee. "The PCP does not throw in the towel to the ground, but is available to look for a solution to this base, "said the deputy.

The proposal was viewed naturally by the PS and the Left Bloc, but PSD and CDS-PP showed up against it.

Paula Santos finally proposed that a new meeting be held next week, only to vote on base 18, but due to the unavailability of other parties, this vote will only happen on the 11th.

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