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Through social networks, the Devil On the Cross announced this Tuesday, May 21, that they will put an end to the band. "Devil On the Cross announce that after 11 years of existence, they will end the band's career at the end of this year's tour," they revealed on their Facebook page.

"However, the group will complete them the presence of its vocalist, guitarist and composer, Jorge Cruz, who will soon make a statement. The Devil At The Cross thank all those who supported them throughout their careers, especially the fervent fans of the band with whom they have established an unforgettable bond, "the statement added.

"The work of Devil On The Cross will be recorded in four albums and an EP of originals, a live album and hundreds of concerts all over the country. The agenda for the 2019 Tour will be updated briefly," they remember.

"Jorge no longer felt good doing what he did and the project came to an end. It was agreed that the album [“Lebre”, de 2018] and then the concerts, but Jorge thought that it no longer makes sense to do that role, "the band's agent, José Morais, told Lusa.

In about 20 concerts that the Devil on the Cross have scheduled until the end of the tour, guitarist Sérgio Pires will take over Jorge Cruz's place and enter Daniel Mestre as guitarist.

According to José Morais, the decision to end was agreed by all the musicians who make up the Devil on the Cross: Bernardo Barata, João Pinheiro, João Gil, Manuel Pinheiro, Sérgio Pires and Jorge Cruz.

The Devil in the Cross edited last October the album "Hare", the fourth album of the discography and that coincided with a decade of life.

"In ten years things have changed a lot and what was very 'punk rock' doing now would be redundant. So we had to find a new path and went in the direction of a greater depth, related to cities, […] in the most perennial questions about ties, questions, doubts, belonging, where is our house, "said Jorge Cruz, vocalist and composer of the group, at an interview with Lusa.

The Devil on the Cross emerged in 2008 to show a rock steeped in traditional Portuguese music, inspired by oral tradition, polyphony of voices and rhythms of rural percussion.

Regarding "Hare," Jorge Cruz recalled that the album was made after a long and exhausting tour, anchored in the previous record, "Devil on the Cross", (2014).

"This reflection and the balance that we began at the moment of pausing after the tour, led us to look back at what we had done. we could bring it with a fourth album, "he said.

"Hare" emerged in another context, unlike a decade ago. In 2009, the debut album, "Virou!", Underlined a "stereotypical portugalidade" that was not common in Portuguese music.

Today, "this stereotypical image is everywhere, in souvenir shops." "We are in a 'folklore' country, gentrified, for tourists, that has an economy turned to this type of stereotyped image," he lamented.

Already in this new digression, the Devil in the Cross acted last November in the coliseums of Lisbon and Oporto.

For the next months, concerts had already been announced, for example, in June at the Fanane Radio (Ílhavo) and Med (Loulé) festivals, in August at Bons Sons, at Cem Soldos, and in October at Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon, at the EA Live.

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