Diagnostic tests at the time reach 20 health centers – Current

Diagnostic tests at the time reach 20 health centers - Current

The "Spinit", an equipment that allows a method of analysis considered by António Costa "absolutely innovative", will be made available in "21 health centers", which the company Biosurfit competed for, the Prime Minister announced today.

The system that allows, with a drop of blood, to carry out diagnostic tests at the hematology level, has been studied by the company since 2006 and is currently being developed for the national and international market.

"An excellent example" visited today by António Costa in Azambuja, where the company's facilities are located that the Government leader highlighted as "a demonstration that companies do not need to be all in Lisbon", being possible to have industries "high standard technological "and" high quality "operating outside the capital and to" improve the territorial cohesion of the country. "

The visit to Biosurfit was also the moment chosen by the prime minister to defend the investment of the public entities in the venture capital, in a "shared risk that the State assumes to support the economy", whose path can not be "to return to the idea of ​​the lows wages or the idea of ​​living out of counterfeiting. "

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