Diana Chaves recalls death of Rodrigo Menezes. "It was not easy" – News

Diana Chaves recalls death of Rodrigo Menezes. "It was not easy" - News

The presenter and actress was in the program 'High Definition', where it shared several moments of its life, like the departure of the ex- boyfriend.

Diana Chaves shared several confessions during Saturday's interview on SIC's 'High Definition' program. The presenter and actress opened her heart to talk about several moments of her life, among them the death of her mother, César Peixoto's wedding request and motherhood.

He also recalled the death of his ex-boyfriend, actor Rodrigo Menezes, who was found dead in his home in October 2014 at the age of 40.

"It was not easy," Diana Chaves said in a conversation with Daniel Oliveira, explaining that in order to overcome the pain "just by going through it." "I had to go through those phases: the revolt, the acceptance, sadness, the things that remained to be said … This is because Rodrigo had an illness. I watched. If I was not the only one I was the few people who attended. It was awful. Not knowing what it was, it was serious. So I know it was the cause of his death. And I also know wherever he is that he has taken over the piece, "he added, referring to the artist's suffering from epilepsy.

Still, Diana points out that she was "not specific" to say. "As our lives have gone different ways, we have not met many times, it is more in that sense. At least to get things over I have to visualize them, almost like going through the moments inside my head, "he finished.

It is recalled that currently the actress is engaged to César Peixoto, with whom she has a daughter in common, Pilar, six years.

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