Diário As Beiras – Academic: An unhappy ending

Diário As Beiras - Academic: An unhappy ending

Académica was unable to respond to the triumphs of Estoril and Varzim on the 22nd round of the 2nd League.
At the reception to Varzim, Rui Borges's men lost 2-1, in a game that was decided through a reload to a penalty in the clearing time.
Fourth defeat of the students in the 2nd League, the second in a row, leaves the Coimbra formation farther from the places of ascent.
Briosa tried to maintain the distances to Estoril and Feirense and Feirense, while Varzim appeared in Coimbra with the intention of adding points to escape the last place of the classification. Rui Borges made two changes to the eleven he had lost in Santa Maria da Feira in the previous round, 1-0, calling eleven Sanca and Fabinho, who took the places of the injured Chaby and Bouldini. On the front, João Mário was the most advanced man.
Before the duel, there was a minute's silence in honor of Académica's number one partner, Jorge Condorcet, who died yesterday at the age of 87. After the opening whistle, Varzim immediately left a warning at Mika's goal. Patrick, at 2 ’, headed inside the area, leading the ball to pass close to the post.
Briosa's answer came in the 6th minute. Guima received from João Mário and inside the area, he shot hard for the great defense of the former goalkeeper of the academy team, Ricardo.
Fabiano, after entering from the right into the area, shot the side net when the stopwatch marked the 17th minute.

João Mário advances Briosa
After two serious threats, the students scored. Sanca appeared on the right and crossed with the right measure for the area. In the “heart” of the big area came João Mário, who was ahead of the defender of Varzim and opened the scoring in Coimbra, at 19 ’, in what was his fourth goal in the 2nd League, the fourth at the Cidade de Coimbra Stadium.
Despite the dominance of Académica, Varzim was lethal in its response. The visitors with only set pieces came close to Mika's goal and that was exactly how he was going to get a goal.
In the 36th minute, Ahmed, the main loader of the Varzinist attack, hit a corner on the left. In the small area, Patrick won the head and “combed” towards the bottom of the goal, restoring equality, 1-1.
Until the end of the first half, Académica was still very close to scoring. In the 41st minute, João Mário scored with Sanca at the edge of the area, received the ball and in the “face to face” with Ricardo made a slight detour. The ball had a goal “seal”, but the experienced goalkeeper managed to deflect it into the corner.
Shortly afterwards, Carlos Macedo whistled for rest. Although with greater possession of the ball, Varzim was fortunate to score in the only shot framed with Mika's goal. Ricardo prevented Briosa from having a happy ending in the first half.

“São” Ricardo and penalty
The beginning of the 2nd part will leave little to be missed. Many fouls broke the pace of the game. Even so, Mika, with two safe saves and without great difficulty, with shots from Fatai and Patrick, kept the equality. The two moves came as a result of free kicks.
Rui Borges decided to play with the team and launched Mayambela to replace Fabinho. The South African almost scored, three minutes after entering. At 69 ', served by Sanca, the South African deflected the ball with his right foot. The ball led the way to the goal, but Ricardo manages another great defense – the third in the game – and avoids the second one from Académica.
In the final stretch of the challenge, Rui Borges risked with the entry of Dani, but the Academic's nervousness and anxiety would have consequences.

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