Diário As Beiras – Academic in the 2nd Women's Futsal Division

Diário As Beiras - Academic in the 2nd Women's Futsal Division

It was this. The futsal of Académica guaranteed, this Saturday, the rise to the national championships, after defeating the Guard 2000 by 3-2.
The visitors even started to win, but Académica turned around and made the party a journey from the end.
“Objective more than accomplished”, João Filipe Soares, student technician, summed up to DIÁRIO AS BEIRAS.
“The main focus was clearly qualifying for the 2nd Division”, an objective that, moreover, had been pursued for a long time. "Académica has been a chronic district champion and we have tried this climb". It has now emerged, not to the 1st Division, as they have tried in recent years, but to the new 2nd National Division.
"We are sure that we are ready for this event and we will fight for the best possible place, which is the 1st, and for the climb to the 1st Division", shoots the coach.
In the "nationals" the team "will have more projection, the players will grow and show their quality" believes the coach, so, he guarantees, "it is good for Académica, for Coimbra and for the futsal of the district".

New win to close
Show quality, moreover, was what happened again this Sunday, on a weekend of double journey.

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