Diário As Beiras – Academic rises to second place by winning at Arouca's home

Diário As Beiras - Academic rises to second place by winning at Arouca's home


Académica won 2-0 today at Arouca, on the 14th round of the 2nd Portuguese football league, a result that allowed ‘students’ to move up to second place on the table and Bouldini to isolate themselves as the best scorer.

After a draw and a defeat, Rui Borges' team returned to winning ways with goals from Bouldini (32) and Rafael Furtado (88), the latter already after the 'home team' had one less due to Brunão's expulsion, on 66 minutes, in the second consecutive defeat by Armando Evangelista's team.

In a match marked by the cold, it was the 'students' who 'warmed up' the pace, in a foray on the left flank of Sanca who raised to the area for Bouldini to jump and head alone, but for Victor Braga's attentive defense.

The meeting cooled down and only after 20 minutes did a new shot of danger appear, this time with a clear shot from the striker, after a good job with his back to the goal in which he 'fixed' João Basso and shot placed outside the 'guardian', isolating himself at the top of the table with the best scorers.

The home team ‘woke up’ after the opening goal and just four minutes later had close to the goal twice, first in a shot over Leandro Silva’s crossbar and then in a heel deflection from André Silva to the post.

In the second half, Sanca served Fabinho, who with his back to the goal shot close to the post, even before Brunão saw two yellow cards within a minute, leaving the 'home team' reduced to ten elements, something that 'Briosa' took advantage of already falling out of the picture, with Rafael Furtado shooting into the back of the net after a bad approach by Victor Braga.

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