Diário As Beiras – Académica loses with Feirense and goes down to 3rd place in the 2nd League

Diário As Beiras - Académica loses with Feirense and goes down to 3rd place in the 2nd League

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Feirense beat Académica 1-0, in a match for the 21st round of the II Liga de Futebol, played at the Marcolino Castro Stadium, in Santa Maria da Feira, and rose to second place in the competition.

After a penalty wasted by Académica, Fabrício converted a maximum penalty in the 61st minute and gave the victory to Feirense, who remains in the vice-leadership of the II Liga, with 43 points, while the 'briosa' was relegated to third place , adding 42 points.

Balance was the dominant note throughout the first half, but Feirense ended up giving the first sign of danger in a strong shot by Feliz, who came over the top of Mika's goal on 18 minutes.

Until the end of the first part, Filipe Rocha's team would create a new goal opportunity, when João Tavares executed a strong shot and placed for a good defense by Mika, in the 30th minute.

The balance remained at the beginning of the second half, but Académica had a good opportunity to open the scoring after a penalty, which punished a foul by João Tavares on Fabiano, but goalkeeper Bruno Brígido saved the shot by Bruno Teles, in the 57th minute.

Shortly afterwards, it was Feirense's turn to take a penalty after dropping Fabiano over Edson Farias, with Fabrício shooting effectively and putting Filipe Rocha's team ahead in the 61st minute.

Académica became more sharp after the goal conceded and was close to equaling the match in a counterattack move, with Sanca shooting over Bruno Brígido's goal on 68 minutes.

Feirense took advantage of Académica's advance in the field to bet on the counterattack and Marcus almost extended the advantage to the 'stokers' in the 78th minute, in a cross shot at the entrance of the area that forced Mika to a tight defense.

Académica was even more pressing in the final minutes and Bruno Teles was close to scoring the equalizer, but Gui Ramos cut the Brazilian defender's shot over the goal line in the 89th minute.

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