Diário As Beiras – Bis de Traquina offers 2nd League leadership to Briosa

Diário As Beiras - Bis de Traquina offers 2nd League leadership to Briosa

DR- Estoril Praia – Futebol SAD – Traquina scored Briosa's two goals against Estoril

Académica rose to the leadership of the 2nd League. On the 19th round of the competition, Briosa went to the António Coimbra da Mota Stadium to beat Estoril, 2-1, with two goals from captain Traquina.
The number 20, Traquina, brought Briosa ahead at 85, Gamboa, from penalty, drew for the "canarinhos", but, in the goal of the night, Traquina, at 93 '+, with a "hat" from outside area beat Dani Figueira and signed the 2-1, a result that leaves Briosa in 1st place in the 2nd League. This was Estoril's first defeat at home in the championship and, for the second time this season, the students defeated the team led by Bruno Pinheiro (in the first round, on the 2nd round, Académica won, 1-0, in Coimbra) .

Both teams ended up with 10 players. Harramiz (ex-Academic), was sent off at 69 ′ and Ricardo Dias was admonished with a red card at 83 ′.


At the end of the challenge, Traquina, who was elected the man of the game, speaking to SportTV, highlighted the triumph and the willingness of the Coimbra crowd to maintain the leadership. “I thought [sobre o segundo golo], since I am isolated I will try to be happy. The most important thing is to win and leave here with the first place. Being in the lead is a very good feeling, but we have to fight hard to keep this place. There are a lot of games left, but we got to the first place and we want to keep it, ”said Traquina.

The assistant coach of Rui Borges, Fernando Alexandre, stressed that Briosa's focus is on winning three points in all games, emphasizing that the result, for the second part, was deserved. “I leave a word of appreciation to the family of Dr. Manuel Barreto, an important loss for us. The goal was always three points in each game. For the second part it was deserved. We will play every game and every point until the last minute, as in this game. All together we will achieve good things ”, guaranteed Fernando Alexandre.

With the triumph, Académica rises to the leadership of the 2nd League, now adding 39 points, while Estoril is 2nd place with 38. In 3rd position follows Feirense, 37 points, and Vizela is 4th place with 32 points. On the 20th matchday, scheduled for 11:00 am next Saturday, at the Cidade de Coimbra Stadium, Académica receives Cova da Piedade.

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