Diário As Beiras – Casa da Académica do Esporte was born in Coimbra at Pavilhão Jorge Anjinho

Diário As Beiras - Casa da Académica do Esporte was born in Coimbra at Pavilhão Jorge Anjinho


The various sports sections of the Coimbra Academic Association (AAC) will start using the Jorge Anjinho Pavilion, from the Autonomous Football Organization (OAF), whose team is in the II League, from the beginning of December, was announced today.

In a press conference, the presidents of AAC and Académica OAF announced that the facilities, recovered by the municipality of Coimbra after the damage caused by the storm Leslie (2018) will become the Académica do Esporte House.

“This space no longer had any sports activity until 2018, but it was recovered for the European University Games [que decorreram nesse ano em Coimbra], with a lot of effort, and then with Leslie that effort went downhill ”, started by remembering the president of Académica OAF, Pedro Roxo.

The leader stressed the recovery of the pavilion, "which is of historical importance for the city of Coimbra and of sentimental importance for OAF and AAC".

"This space will once again be the place of common coexistence between the OAF and the different sections of the AAC, on the way to a unique Academic, which we have always sought and continue to seek", he said.

The president of AAC, Daniel Azenha, stressed that the growth of the 27 sports sections requires built spaces for sports, which currently involves more than 3,000 athletes.

"The connection between the parent house and the OAF is unequivocal and this building mirrors that relationship between the two institutions," said the student leader, who is about to end his term.

The recovery of the Jorge Anjinho pavilion, especially the roof, resulted from a support program for the municipality of Coimbra, in the order of 220 thousand euros, as stressed by Vice-President Carlos Cidade, responsible for the area of ​​sport.

The intervention in the roof also allowed the rehabilitation of the floor, whose financial support has not yet been guaranteed by Académica OAF, but which, according to the mayor, there is a commitment that in January 2021 “a new application will be opened and that, with certainty, this floor will have secured financing ”.

According to President Pedro Roxo, the total recovery of the Jorge Anjinho pavilion represents an investment of almost half a million euros, including the recovery of the roof and the floor.

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