Diário As Beiras – Condeixa fails Maxi Pereira but signs with four reinforcements

Diário As Beiras - Condeixa fails Maxi Pereira but signs with four reinforcements

DR-Former player from Benfica and FC Porto became a fan of Condeixa

“We made our best proposal, but we weren't in time”, lamented Condeixa on social networks yesterday. After a year and a half without playing, Maxi Pereira, a former Benfica and FC Porto full-back and Uruguayan international signed, at the age of 36, for Peñarol, from his country.
But, before wearing his new colors, he still wore the Condeixa shirt.
“I would like to send a big hug to the entire Condeixa technical team and to my friend Rui Amorim. From now on, they have won another fan. May you be very lucky and have a good championship ”, he said, in a video published on Condeixa's social networks (video on Facebook by Clube Condeixa).
Even without getting Maxi Pereira, Condeixa has been active in the past few days in terms of transfers.
Yesterday, the club announced the terminations of defenders Nandinho and Luís Oliveira, midfielder Pisco and striker Juan Leite.
In the opposite direction yesterday, 24-year-old guardian Miguel Carvalho arrived. and 19-year-old Colombian winger Rentería.
Trained in Farense, where he played in the 2nd League, Miguel Carvalho was playing this season at Moura, in the H series of the Portuguese Championship.
Rentería, who has played nine games in the 2nd League for Varzim this season, is on loan until the end of the season.
The two join midfielder Marco Meireles, 31, and striker Miguel Oliveira, 25, both ex-Damasta, from Greece, who had already been announced last Friday.

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