Diário As Beiras – COP President considers “inexplicable” lack of government dialogue with Sports

Diário As Beiras - COP President considers “inexplicable” lack of government dialogue with Sports


The president of the Olympic Committee of Portugal (COP), José Manuel Constantino, today classified as "inexplicable" that the sports federations are not government interlocutors in making decisions that directly affect the sector.

"It is inexplicable that there is concern, from the point of view of political decision, regarding the generality of the social sectors, and, in relation to sport, to date, this has not existed", said the leader of the COP.

At the second Summit of Sports Federations, which took place in Odivelas, the president of the COP stated that sport “puts itself on the side of life against the pandemic”, but reiterated that it will not ease the pressure on the government to make the urgency perceived the sector is in.

“What emerges from this second summit is a reinforcement of that need, an urgency that is compounded by the fact that we are experiencing a situation that, hopefully, will be even more severe than we did before. Therefore, do not expect sports federations to ease the pressure that we have placed and the urgency to find answers to help minimize the situation we are experiencing ”, warned José Manuel Constantino.

The COP president also said it was "strange" not to know what measures will be adopted by the government if a new general confinement is enacted.

“It was essential that, in relation to sport, there should be a dialogue, approximation and exchange of opinions on this matter. I am amazed that we are 24 hours from the announcement of new containment measures and, in relation to the sports sector, we will come to know what will happen through the media ”, criticized the sports leader.

At the summit held today, which unanimously approved the strategic motion presented and based on the one built six months ago, in the first edition, it was also decided to carry out an advertising campaign that “will mobilize sports agents and raise awareness in Portuguese society for the importance of helping, revitalizing and socially valuing sport ”, explained the COP president.

The second Summit of Sports Federations sought to mobilize the sports movement to discuss the best measures to be adopted in the current pandemic context in the absence of a concrete political response and brought together, in addition to the COP, the Paralympic Committee of Portugal and the Confederation of Sports of Portugal.

At the first summit, a motion was passed, which was handed over to the government and the Assembly of the Republic, calling for the resumption of sport safely and the creation of conditions for the sustainability of the grassroots associations.

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