Diário As Beiras – Football League defines three phases for the return of the public to the stadiums

Diário As Beiras - Football League defines three phases for the return of the public to the stadiums


THE Portuguese League Professional Football (LPFP) outlined a three-phase plan for the return of the public to stadiums, which starts on Saturday with the 1st League game between Santa Clara and Gil Vicente.

LPF Executive Director, Sónia Carneiro, said today, in Coimbra, in a Press conference at the Coimbra City Stadium, that the plan, subject to the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic, involves several pilot tests, distributed over three phases, in a process that "wants to be evolutionary".

The first phase, which starts next Saturday with the Santa Clara-Gil Vicente game, with the possibility of registering an attendance of 1,000 people, in a stadium with a capacity for 10,000 spectators.

In a second phase, LPFP intends to assist a maximum of 2,500 people, without occupying 20% ​​of the stadium's capacity, and in a third phase, 5,000 people without exceeding an occupancy of 30% of the stadium.

“After these pilot tests, the goal is to get at least 30% of the seats in all stadiums occupied,” said Sónia Carneiro.

According to Sónia Carneiro, the pilot tests will allow the LPFP to conclude, in terms of the public of the clubs, the way they arrive at the stadiums and the access circuits and the signs that need to be implemented.

"We feel that we can do these tests and that, surely, we will do them successfully, because we talk repeatedly with colleagues from other leagues that have already tried them and managed to show an appropriate behavior from the public", he stressed.

Present at the press conference, pulmonologist Filipe Froes, coordinator of the covid-19 crisis office of the Ordem dos Médicos and consultant of the LPFP, stressed: “if we want to give examples of citizenship and individual and collective responsibility, we have to give this opportunity to supporters demonstrate it ”.

For the doctor, the presence of the public in the stadiums is a “test of citizenship, individual and collective responsibility” in combating the covid-19 pandemic, in which everyone has “individual and collective responsibility” towards others.

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