Diário As Beiras – Futebol Supporters “do not perceive” ban on return of the public

Diário As Beiras - Futebol Supporters “do not perceive” ban on return of the public


You supporters “Can't understand” why the return from the public to the stadiums will continue to be prohibited and criticized the Government's “lack of objective reasoning” to justify this decision.
Speaking to Lusa agency, the president of the Portuguese Adept Defense Association (APDA) recalled that “tests have already been carried out that went well”, including “in Champions League games in Portugal” and also in games “in the Azores” so he doesn't understand “where does this insistence come from”.
“Once again, we have a progressive deconfination plan, which encompasses a series of cultural activities, many of them, probably, in closed spaces, and there is an insistence, which we were unable to understand, not to include I Liga games in this list. events ”, criticized Martha Gens.
The APDA leader agrees with the president of the Liga Portugal, Pedro Proença, who was unhappy with the discrimination of football in the lack of definition, especially since “the League has been working, since April, on a plan for things to work” and, even thus, “they were never even given the chance to make a pilot test game”.
On the other hand, Martha Gens says that the association he presides over has always been “aware of the pandemic curve” and defended, at other times, that it would not be the ideal time for supporters to return to the stands, since “public health is always first of all".
“But considering that there is a plan of progressive deflation and that the big events are expected to receive spectators again from April 19, it is not possible to understand how it is still in March and it is already being said that in football it will not be allowed ”, he vented.
Guardianship was also targeted by the president of APDA, who argued that the “IPDJ should be at the forefront” in this matter, but “does not see much interest in this”.

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