Diário As Beiras – Horácio Antunes: “We delayed as much as possible”

Diário As Beiras - Horácio Antunes: “We delayed as much as possible”


After several postponements, is everything ready for the competitions to start this weekend?
Not having games, or physical activity is a great agony. But this is not our own agony. As early as April or May, we saw several clubs wanting to start up with physical activity, especially in the younger classes, because we know that many live off these contributions.
In the absence of this activity, there is no income and the clubs were left without economic conditions. We knew that we had to meet these difficulties and so the memberships were free, we lowered the insurance, we offered all teams a certain number of balls and we guaranteed that, until the cards were raised, to start the competitions, the clubs did not have making payments to AFC. We have also exempted clubs from the fee for organizing games, as there is no public, and will only pay the referral fee …

… And is there already a broad consensus to kick off the competition?
We initially planned to start in September. Then, due to some reluctance from some clubs, we moved on to the first Sunday in October. Then, again considering the club's considerations, we moved on to November 1…

… this with regard to football …
11-a-side football has more teams and we needed it to start earlier. In the case of futsal, as there are fewer teams, we can start later.

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