Diário As Beiras – "I was treated very well in the almost two years in Coimbra"

Diário As Beiras - "I was treated very well in the almost two years in Coimbra"


After two successful seasons at Olivais, he took over the leadership of Benfica's senior women's team. Is the goal to fight for titles?
Yes, being at Benfica and saying that we don't fight for titles is the antithesis of what this club's DNA is. Now we have to be aware that titles are an objective that can be in the short, medium or long term, it depends on how things have been going, our opponents and even the evolution of the pandemic and the impact it can have in the team.
At this point, I would say that we focus on intermediate goals, which are not a title, but which may give one. We want to be at the high points of the season, I am thinking of a final four of the Portuguese Cup, if there is a final eight of the Federation Cup, in the final playoffs of the Women's League. These are our goals.

He spoke of the covid-19 pandemic. It has been a tough opponent …
It's complicated. It ends up directly affecting the team. We already had a quarantine period in the pre-season, just before the championship started. We also have stops, weekend yes, weekend no, because our opponents are also subject to these contingencies and, in some cases, have to quarantine and we cannot play against them and we have to stop too.
I would say that on a more indirect level, it ends up affecting us because there is no competitive constancy to play every weekend. It is, in fact, a major obstacle.

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