Diário As Beiras – “It was a very happy day for the Academic Association of Coimbra”

Diário As Beiras - “It was a very happy day for the Academic Association of Coimbra”

“It was a very happy day for the Associação Académica de Coimbra (AAC). We are all happy to see the Academic back in the 1st Division ”, confessed Daniel Azenha, president of AAC's Directorate-General (DG) to DIÁRIO AS BEIRAS.
The student leader says that he had the opportunity, moments after the conquest in Póvoa de Varzim, to speak with the president of the Basketball Section of AAC, João Frazão, and tell him that “this climb was the result of the work carried out by this direction and for the whole team ”.
According to Daniel Azenha, it is a “motivation for the kids who train at SB-AAC” and it is also “important that the Centro region has more teams in the main divisions” of each modality.
Moreover, the leader believes that this achievement is “not only a source of pride for AAC, but also for Coimbra and the Central region”. For this reason, Azenha relies on “the business fabric of the region to support the Academic, its modalities, and this one in particular”.
Daniel Azenha guarantees that "the sports project at AAC is very well defined and must be based on university students", so he does not expect problems with the climb. "There are many university students in the senior teams and it is a pleasure to have a team in the 1st Division with university students," he added.
The climb “requires a lot of care, mainly financial”, but guarantees that “SB-AAC will soon present the plan for next year to DG-AAC, also to understand what they are thinking of doing”. "But I trust in the abilities of the managers and I want to believe that the days when it was indebted to have teams in the 1st Division are gone", he concludes.

“Very important for
the city, district and region ”
For the president of the Coimbra Basketball Association (ABC), this climb is an opportunity for new dynamics.
“After a mediocre management for five years, the new SB-AAC, led by Eng. João Frazão, managed to put a team playing in the Liga Placard at the start of its third year of management”, he began by highlighting, at DIÁRIO AS BORDERS. “It is very important for the city, for the district and for the region, the dynamics that can develop together with all the other clubs, with a strong hope that the council of Coimbra will understand it as an enormous appreciation for the city and the municipality and financially support AAC basketball, as well as other clubs, which are playing at the highest level ”, added the manager.

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