Diário As Beiras – "Mission accomplished removes sense of continuity of mandate"

Diário As Beiras - "Mission accomplished removes sense of continuity of mandate"


The day he signed the protocol for the installation of the synthetic turf he announced that he would resign. Feeling of duty accomplished? What led to this decision?
If you ask me "What made you want to lead GD Cova-Gala?" I answer that it was the focus on contributing to the growth and independence of the association. I consider myself guided and motivated by projects. In the beginning, our team defined a concrete plan of actions that culminated in guaranteeing the realization of the synthetic. The accomplished mission removes the sense of continuity of mandate. I do not consider it to be a rule, but both in the associative panorama, as a politician we find glue in some seats, I do not speculate whether it arises from the absence of results or the thirst for power, however my mission is accomplished and it is time to give way to others .

To what extent will this synthetic change the life of the club?
More than just conditions for sports, which will surely raise the club to levels never seen before, the synthetic brings new blood, different people and no addictions.
In three years we have achieved what many have tried for almost two decades. We have proof that the organization, the exempt and methodical work for objectives, resilience and trust are fundamental ingredients for the victory.

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