Diário As Beiras – Mortágua, Porto and Felgueiras return for the 54th edition of the Rally de Portugal

Diário As Beiras - Mortágua, Porto and Felgueiras return for the 54th edition of the Rally de Portugal

The returns of Mortagua, Port and Felgueiras some of the news for this year's edition of the Portugal Rally, 6th test World Rally Championship (WRC) revealed today the Car Club of Portugal (ACP).

The 54th edition was presented today in Lisbon and, in addition to the return of these three sections, the ACP announced that the race, taking place between 21 and 24 May, will have more kilometers than last year, with a total length of 1,582. , 25, against 1,463.55 of 2019.

In all, 330.98 will be played on the chronometer, divided by 22 special qualifying events (PEC), while in 2019 were 311.59, completed in 20 PEC.

On May 21, the first day of the race, the 'shakedown', which serves for the drivers to make final adjustments, takes place again in Paredes, starting at 09:00, with the official departure, once again, from the University's railway door. from Coimbra, scheduled for 20:30.

For the 22nd, the first specials will be played in the center zone, first with two passes through Lousã (1 and 4), Góis (2 and 5) and Arganil (3 and 6), followed by the rally to the north. , with the return of Mortágua (7), and closing the first day in Lousada (8).

On Saturday, eight other special events are scheduled, all with double passes, starting the day in Vieira do Minho (9 and 12), Cabeceiras de Basto (10 and 13) and Amarante (11 and 14), for Porto to also mark the his return with the 'Porto Street Stage', a section of only 1.93 kilometers, which will be met twice by competitors (15 and 16).

The last day of the race, taking place on Sunday, has six more sections, also to be traveled twice, highlighting the return of Felgueiras (17 and 20), which opens the day, followed by Montim (18 and 21) and Fafe (19 and 22).

Fafe's second spell is again played in a 'Power-Stage' format, with the enticement of awarding bonuses to the top-ranked riders.

The Rally of Portugal is scored for the World Rally Championship, with Rally1 (formerly WRC) cars, and for the WRC2, with Rally2 (formerly R5) cars.

The Portuguese World Cup stage is part of the Portuguese Rally Championship and this year also has the presence of the Iberian Peugeot Rally Cup, being the Portuguese race the first on the calendar of this competition, now played with the new Peugeot 208 Rally 4.

The 54th edition of the Rally of Portugal, the sixth stage of the World Rally Championship (WRC), will take place from 21 to 24 May.

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