Diário As Beiras – Prime Minister confirms resumption of medium risk modalities

Diário As Beiras - Prime Minister confirms resumption of medium risk modalities


The Prime Minister, António Costa, confirmed today the resumption of medium-risk sports, "as well as physical activity in the open air of up to six people", starting on Monday, in the third phase of deflation.

After the return of the practice of low-risk sports, and of physical activity in groups of up to four people, on April 5, the Council of Ministers decided to confirm the progress of the deflationary measures from Monday, the 19th, in the “generality” of the national territory, in face of the covid-19 pandemic.

The medium risk lot includes the main collective modalities, cases of handball, basketball, football, futsal, roller hockey and volleyball, whose professional divisions continued during the second general confinement, in force since January 15th.

Korfball, beach football, hockey and inline hockey, water polo, aquatlon, underwater hockey and underwater rugby will also return to action, as will wheelchair rugby, which will complete the range of sports for people with disabilities.

In addition to the medium-risk modalities, the Government expands outdoor physical activity to groups of six people.

The training sport training, in this risk gradation, may also return, following what had already confirmed, in March, the Secretary of State for Sport and Youth, João Paulo Rebelo, whose resumption of the competition is scheduled for the fourth phase of deflation, as of May 3.

Onwards, the high-risk modalities will remain, advancing, if there is a favorable pandemic evolution, from Monday to two weeks.

As determined by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), the return to sports activities in these echelons is mandatory to test the covid-19 before the recovery, also defining the risk categories, by the type of modality or by the epidemiological situation at the level regional and local.

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