Diário As Beiras – “Representing our country is an incredible feeling and a pride”

Diário As Beiras - “Representing our country is an incredible feeling and a pride”

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What were the main differences you noticed from the passage from Poiares to Estoril? And from Estoril to Benfica?
The main difference I noticed from Poiares to Estoril was, without a doubt, the conditions given to the players, not all clubs have the same possessions.
From Estoril to Benfica, there is not only a difference in conditions but also in the way of working. They are different contexts, one of which is an amateur, Estoril), and the other is a professional (Benfica).

Was it an easy decision to go to Estoril? What was more difficult to overcome in the "new reality"?
What was most difficult to overcome was when I went to Estoril was, without a doubt. The fact of leaving my comfort zone, as I am very close to the family and distance was the main obstacle.
The decision to go to Estoril was relatively easy. I always wanted to be a professional player and I knew that accepting this proposal was a very important step on this path.

Did you have a lot of family support in the final decision?
My family has always supported me from the beginning, they have always been my main pillar and this decision was no exception.

Full interview in the print and digital edition of DIÁRIO AS BEIRAS of 02/10/2021

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