Diário As Beiras – Television rights agreement in football is “good news” – Government

Diário As Beiras - Television rights agreement in football is “good news” - Government


The memorandum of understanding signed on Tuesday to centralize television rights in professional football until 2027/28 is “good news”, said today the State Secretary for Youth and Sport.

THE Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) and the Portuguese Professional Football League (LPFP) signed a memorandum of understanding on Tuesday to achieve the centralization of television rights by 2027/28, the two bodies announced today.

"What is announced today is good news, because it is already a spontaneous understanding, not forced by the legislation," said the Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, João Paulo Rebelo, who spoke to journalists after a visit to a structure of rear of combat to covid-19, installed in the Military Hospital of Coimbra.

The Secretary of State recalled that the Government is preparing legislation to guarantee the centralization of the sale of television broadcasting rights, the diploma being finalized and expected to go "within a few weeks" to the Council of Ministers to be approved.

This agreement, approved by the boards of the two bodies, aims to create a society, in the coming months, having “as the sole purpose” the “management of the centralized negotiation process for the broadcasting rights of professional competitions”.

"The FPF and LPFP consider that the centralized management of television broadcasting rights constitutes a core tool for the accelerated development of professional football in Portugal", reads the statement published on the official website of the FPF on the Internet, adding that this work " it will have, as it could not fail to be, the permanent involvement of the sports societies participating in the competitions ”.

The two bodies that govern football and professional competitions in the sport "believe that, by the end, by 2027/2028, this transformation will be completed".

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