Diário As Beiras – Unprecedented candidacy wants to win by the players and reinvigorate the Union

Diário As Beiras - Unprecedented candidacy wants to win by the players and reinvigorate the Union

The application "From players to players", led by Ibraim Cassamá, from Real Massamá, and Ana Filipa Lopes, of Condeixa, wants to revitalize the course of the Professional Football Players Union (SJPF) in the next elections.

“What motivates us is not to do more or less, but to look at ours and do differently. We have always been players and, on the day we leave football, we will continue to think as such, because no one more than we know what we have been through ”, explained the list's president, Ibraim Cassamá to Lusa.

The candidacy involves athletes from professional and non-professional championships and makes an unprecedented opposition to Joaquim Evangelista, who has led the SJPF for 17 years, after replacing António Carraça, and has not yet revealed whether he will run for a fifth term.

“We are not here to denigrate what has been done nor is this a fight against the years when people are there. The assessment is made by those with rights and we are not going to go there, because everything we say can be perceived in a non-positive way. We want to do better and add important things, knowing that everything has a beginning and an end ”, he pointed out.

The 35-year-old Guinean international midfielder was one of the athletes of the Portuguese Championship (CP) responsible for launching the association “Do Futebol para a Vida”, which helps professional colleagues with subsistence hampered by the covid-19 pandemic.

“Players deserve equal treatment among unequal players. The only thing that separates us is the division or the gender, but we look at the global panorama of football. We are here to add a greater good to football. We will have respect for everything and everyone, knowing that the players will win in the end and no one will lose ”, he noted.

With a career at the third national level, Ibraim Cassamá defends "proximity and healthy communication" with athletes and clubs, in order to supply "not easy times", solving "at home" problems "externalized and agonized" by the pandemic.

“Everything that has happened at CP is the responsibility of many people, but we are here to find solutions. Only the word union is very strong, so we cannot be reactive. You have to try to understand what goes on day after day and have an internal database that makes it possible to predict the things that will happen in a certain club, ”he suggested.

Encouraged by the former glory Paulo Futre, the list of the captain of Real Massamá intends to dilute the Portuguese Association of Amateur Players (APJA) of the SJPF structure, warning that “it is not right to have one and the other elite” in a “football that is for everyone” .

“The footballer has a life. He is a human being like any other and an individual citizen who has to be increasingly within society. One day we will all stop playing and the most important thing is not the prizes and monetary values ​​won, but what we left for football to be better ”, reinforced Ibraim Cassamá.

The candidacy “From players to players” chose Nuno Pinto (Vitória de Setúbal) to chair the General Assembly Board, while Luís Ferraz (Merelinense), Sílvia Rebelo (Benfica) or Solange Carvalhas (Famalicão) will head the Supervisory Board.

Ana Filipa Lopes appears as vice president of the board, which includes the members Ana Borges (Sporting), Wilson Eduardo (Al Ain) and Duarte Machado (Atlético) and substitutes Diana Silva (Aston Villa), Joana Marchão and Fátima Pinto ( both from Sporting), Kaká (Mafra), Bruno Varela (Vitória de Guimarães) and Stephen Eustáquio (Paços de Ferreira).

“Any change is necessary and it doesn't have to be bad. We have new ideas, new blood and enthusiasm. We want to make SJPF more present and accredited, fighting for the interests and rights of players. There is no better motivation and other intention ”, stressed to Lusa the midfielder of Clube Condeixa, nicknamed in Tita's football.

Defending the limitation of two four-year presidential terms, the 31-year-old Portuguese international calls for speed in the timing of the elections, which should be held by the end of March, but are conditioned by the state of emergency.

“This is historic, because players have never voted for the Union and have the right to choose who they want to represent them. This election was important, as it was for the President of the Republic. Why do you consider prolonging it? We are talking about the players' lives and we don't have to complicate anything ”, he appealed.

Due to the pandemic context, the two-time national champion for Atlético Ouriense (2011/12 and 2012/13) and former Benfica player proposes the distribution of ballot boxes by the 22 football associations, scattered from north to south of the country, including islands .

“It would avoid large kilometers of people who live in the northern region. However, if they are carried out only at the headquarters in Lisbon, we believe that everything will be resolved democratically ”, said Tita, active voice of the“ Football Without Gender ”movement, which led the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) to retreat in the intention of imposing salary cap for athletes.

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