Died the artist Fernando Silva Grade – Showbiz

Died the artist Fernando Silva Grade - Showbiz

Fernando Grade was born in 1955 in Faro, and his body will be veiled on Tuesday at the São Luís church in Faro, from where the funeral will leave at 13:00 on foot to the Esperança cemetery in the city. Algarve, said the same source.

Graduated in Biology, Fernando Grade eventually distinguished himself as a visual artist, but was also linked to the defense of the built and natural heritage of the Algarve, being an “active partner and collaborator” of Almargem, as praised by this Algarve association of defense of heritage, in a statement signed by your management.

“A man of culture and cause, passionate about the heritage and nature of his region, which he has so often painted on canvas, Fernando Grade has been engaged in various activities related to the defense of cultural heritage and the environment, but also in the promotion of citizenship, many of them alongside the Almargem, standing out for the scathing way it criticized the urban misunderstandings that have been disrupting the region, ”said the Algarve association.

Almargem also recalled that Fernando Grade was a "staunch defender of the cultural identity of the region" of the Algarve and has "become notable in recent years for the struggle to preserve the architectural heritage by participating in actions to challenge the destruction of several buildings in his city. , from Faro, but also in Olhão ”.

This was one of the reasons for the awarding of the Gold Degree Medal of Merit granted by the Faro Council on Saturday, the day of the municipality, justifying its distinction with the “selflessness with which, for decades, this biologist, plastic artist and activist for the causes of heritage and the environment, among others, struggled to assert their views. ”

“Although physically weakened, in recent months Fernando Grade would maintain his civic activity until his last days, 'for a more genuine Algarve', as he liked to say. Until yesterday … September 8, when he died early in the afternoon, a victim of cancer disease, ”said the Almargem.

The association considered that Fernando Grande's "premature disappearance" is an "irreparable loss" for the Algarve, and addressed "the most heartfelt and sincere condolences" to the family and friends of the Algarve artist.

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