Differences from Costa “were marked in the debate,” says Rio – Jornal Económico

The differences in what are the key points were marked, ”Rui Rio told reporters on the sidelines of a visit to a fruit cooperative in Cadaval and a cooperative winery in Torres Vedras in the Lisbon district.

Rui Rio, who today received comments from “people who enjoyed his performance”, gave as examples the differences in the economic and fiscal areas, to conclude that they are “two completely different projects”.

Although enlightening, the Social Democrat reiterated that the debate "was not decisive," stressing that by October 6, "there is still a way to go and there are still many people who will decide their vote."

"Unlike a few years ago, when people had their vote set in a very clubistic way, always voting for it, today there was an evolution that I consider positive and the vote is more volatile depending on each moment before the elections", considered.

In a visit to agriculture in the West region, the PSD leader defended that “a completely different model of economic growth, focused on exports and investment” is needed, classifying as “good examples” Coopval fruit plant and Adega Cooperativa de São Mamede da Suction Cup that you visited.

“If we do not invest we will not have a higher production potential and if the potential does not grow we cannot sell more. On the other hand, exports are fundamental, ”he said.

Rui Rio also warned that the average age of farmers is 65 and that if the country is unable to "rejuvenate the entrepreneurial fabric of agriculture", in the medium term there will be no agriculture.

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