Dijsselbloem still struggled but Georgieva got the better of him. How was the backstage of the IMF vote – The Economic Journal

From the outset, Jeroen Dijsselbloem was a favorite with a European IMF presidential candidate for support from Germany, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries, but France has 'stomped' and closed ranks to pave the way for the appointment. Georgieva.

A possible change in the voting rule still had a slight advantage for the former Eurogroup president and former finance minister, but Georgieva's 10% advantage in previous votes seemed to make it impossible to change course.

According to Expansiòn, diplomatic sources assert that the Dutch Finance Minister has not "challenged" the outcome but will have asked to consult with Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Georvieva's age will not be a hindrance

The biggest hurdle for Bulgar seemed to be age as IMF rules forbid the appointment of a 65-year-old candidate for IMF presidency, something that will happen to Georgieva on 13 August.

However, US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has indicated that he will support the change in standards necessary so that the age limit is not a problem for the Bulgarian, European sources said. Georgieva is a candidate who pleases the US.

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