Dino d'Santiago tests elasticity of "Mundu Nôbu" with new EP – Showbiz

Dino d'Santiago tests elasticity of "Mundu Nôbu" with new EP - Showbiz

Dino D'Santiago is the stage name of Claudino Pereira, a 36-year-old Algarvian musician of Cape Verdean origin, who participated in the television talent contest Operação Triunfo. He was part of the Jaguar Band hip hop group, Expensive Soul live, and cofounded the Nu Soul Family.

In 2008, while Dino SoulMotion released the first album "Me and My Own" and in 2013, with its current stage name, it released "Eva", in which it returns to Cape Verdean musical roots and with which it was distinguished at the 2014 Cape Verde Music Awards.

But it was with "Mundu Nôbu" that Dino d'Santiago received more praises from the Portuguese press, prizes and the attention of the international media, in an equation where the American singer Madonna still enters.

"I've lived with gratitude.It's nice to hear that people are happy or when they tell me that they are inspired by my music.The 'mundu nôbu' is happening in the various stages of lusophony," he told Lusa.

On the connection to Madonna – which attributes to Dino d'Santiago part of the responsibility for the influence of Portuguese music on the new album, "Madame X" -, the musician acknowledges that the singer showed him "a new world".

"She brought another world that collided with mine. [Mostrei-lhe] Everything that I found to be the best of the music of Lisbon, I was able to join the more traditional side with the most electronic, "he told Lusa.

Currently with a summer full of concerts to show "Mundu Nôbu" on Portuguese stage, but also foreigners, Dino d'Santiago said that he is already working on new themes.

"I feel inspired and absorbed everything I've been through," he said.

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