Diogo Faro in shock: "This shit really has to start changing"

Diogo Faro in shock: "This shit really has to start changing"

The comedian has been surprised by the number of reports of harassment and sexual abuse he has received in recent days from hundreds of women.

Diogo Faro, better known as the 'Sensibly Idiot', was shocked by the countless reports of female victims of sexist acts and sexual abuse.

"I think it's gone from the 1000's, the disgusting, deplorable, hideous reports that have come to me in the mail and Instagram, after the 'movement' I created days ago," he begins by introducing into his Facebook page.

"Hundreds of rapes, harassment at work, masturbation in public, compliments of shit. All coming from the established power of machismo and that is constantly devalued. ALL women have gone through any of these things and it's time we all know, we all talk about it, we all do something to make it stop. "

"Especially for us men, it is time to recognize how privileged we have been throughout our lives, without even thinking about the insecurity with which women live daily, and talking about it because it is not their problem, is a very serious problem of all. ", he argues. "When I can, I'll tell you what I'm going to do. For now, there are some reports of the hundreds I've read in recent days. This shit really has to start to change, "he concludes, sharing some of the stories that shocked him.

In another publication, the comedian explained: "I knew that Portugal was a deeply macho country, but forgive me for not having the notion of this absurd dimension. And besides the seriousness of having so many men who are a real disgust, most of the 'good' have no idea what is really going on and society in general, often the victims conformed themselves, devalues ​​or relativizes all this "because it has always been like this." And it can not be, this shit can not be normal. he lamented.

"This project, which was just a first video, has taken giant proportions and I do not even know how I'm going to use the comedy to try to help, but something we have to achieve, sexual violence can not be normalized, it can not be accepted." , he added.

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