Direct family of Minister of Culture signed contracts with the State – Jornal Económico

Two companies owned by the father, mother, brother and Minister Graça Fonseca herself signed contracts with the state, while it was still acting as Secretary of State, reports the newspaper "Expresso", this Wednesday.

The companies Joule and Joule Internacional, in which Graça Fonseca and their direct relatives have interests, last year signed contracts in the municipality of Lisbon worth 22 thousand euros, which amounts to 150 thousand euros, if they include the business with Santa Casa of the Mercy of Lisbon.

According to Expresso, the percentage held by the current Minister of Culture does not exceed the limit provided by the law of 10%. However, the participation of their family members is largely outdated.

This is the third case involving ministers, after it was reported Wednesday that the father of the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing also has two companies that signed contracts with the state several years ago and continued to do so when Pedro Nuno Santos has reached the Executive. The same happened with lawyer Eduardo Paz Ferreira, husband of the Minister of Justice, who has done 45 public affairs since 2009 in the order of 1.4 million euros.

The controversy came after the "Observer" announced this week that the son of the Secretary of State for Civil Protection, José Artur Neves, made three contracts with state entities, with values ​​over two million euros, after his father left the presidency. Arouca's Chamber and have taken a seat in the Government. Nuno Neves is a direct descendant of José Artur Neves and has a 20% stake in Zerca, more than double what is permitted by law.

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