"Dirty Carnival" of the 1950s inspires thriller short film in Ovar ria – News

"Dirty Carnival" of the 1950s inspires thriller short film in Ovar ria - News

Speaking to Lusa, José Miguel Moreira reveals that, being a native of Ovar, he always wanted to make a film in which he could "make known the 'Dirty Carnival' of the 1950s, when people went out into the street in a kind of pitched battle in who threw flour and mud at each other – most of the time having a great time with it, but sometimes getting really serious. "

It is in this "ancestral carnival", by the way, that originates the domino costume, consisting of a long black hooded cape, which can be decorated by some colorful textile applications and is usually topped with an expressionless mask that makes the identification of the user difficult.

"The Carnival of that time had a more transgressive, more mysterious and primary spirit, and it was this most genuine and pure aspect that I wanted to portray", explains José Miguel Moreira.

The plot of the 16-minute short bet, therefore, in an atmosphere of mystery and persecution around a young couple visiting the ria. Filming took place in October, to guarantee darker scenarios, and the director admits that there were many unforeseen events related to rain, strong wind and tidal range.

"We recorded at Moita, which is a very swampy area, and I've never felt so cold in my life," confesses José Miguel Moreira. "The conditions of the place also made all the logistics of production much more demanding, as happened with lighting, catering and overnight stays, but the truth is that everyone from Ovar helped us a lot, including discounts on services." , highlights.

Carlos Ramos is part of the group "Xáxas", founded in 1970, and recognizes the new private film "pedagogical value" for the opportunity it gives younger generations to know the origins of the Ovar Carnival.

"In our group we still have three or four people with their own memories of Dirty Carnival, but most of us have only a real sense of what it was from the photographs that have stood up to this day and the story of our parents, who still lived that time," declares.

The Ovar Carnival today "no longer preserves anything of the old party, is totally different and is now an extremely organized event", so Carlos Ramos sees in José Miguel Moreira's film "a kind of history lesson about how everything started".

Following its release tonight at the Ovar Arts Center, the short film "Dirty Carnival" will be part of the competitive circuit of "dozens of film festivals around the world".

The distribution will be made by Filmographer, who will try to take the film to the commercial circuit as an appendix of feature films and that has also already scheduled its television exhibition on RTP.

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