Discover the characteristics of the sign Crab – Signs

Discover the characteristics of the sign Crab - Signs

On the other hand, Crab is one of the most insecure signs of the Zodiac, being very needy and dependent on who loves. Thus, when he feels neglected, Crab fears being "abandoned" or losing the importance he has in the lives of those who, for him, are fundamental. And for this reason, it can become strangely cold, biting, even too hard, without others realizing that it does so simply as a defense because it feels vulnerable and unprotected.

Crab, however, has a far greater power than he imagines: the power of his intuition, which is a resource at his disposal and few equals. Ruled by the Moon (also characterized by faces), the native of Crab has a strong intuitive ability and a great connection to the world of imagination, dream and mystery, and manages to capture the subtler signs and energies of people and spaces where you are. Crab has a very great connection to the Moon, the sea and Nature. He may have forebodings, premonitory dreams, visions, or simply an inner voice that guides him, even though he can not explain where he comes from.

This sign is completely identified with the Element to which it belongs: Water. Just as water flows in Nature, the life of these natives unfolds in a transient, fluid form, assuming the form of the place where it is. Only the affections, the basic principles that govern your life, and the people you love are always fixed and perennial.

Crab can thus defend an idea exacerbated and, weeks later, fight tooth and nail for the opposite idea. This is because their emotions are their guide, and unlike the signs of the Earth, for example, who always hold fast to what they have defended for a day, even if they do not even feel good about it, Crab has no modesty in changing from opinion, because to him what counts is his happiness. That famous question "Is it more important to be right, or to be happy?" has a very simple and linear answer for Crab, who always tries to feel good. For love, Crab can have great fun in a heavy rock concert, even if you only like classical music. If you are in love, everything is wonderful in your life. If you are embittered, everything is dramatically obnoxious, heavy, lugubrious.

Love, along with family, are most important to a Crab native. When he falls in love he is able to suffer, to sigh in the songs and write exaggerated poems until he has the courage to declare himself. When he loves and is reciprocated, he does not shy away from expressing his feelings at all times. He leaves notes, offers unexpected presents, treats, makes cakes, learns to cook his favorite dish of love – even if it is an extremely complicated dish to make – and undoes himself in a thousand and one pleasures.

The family is also the pillar of his life, especially the maternal figure, who assumes a huge influence on him. When the mother is not present in her life or has a conflicting relationship with her, this absence is also felt by this native, more than by any other. He maintains a very strong attachment to the family throughout his life, having at an early age the concern to create his own family. Very dedicated to children, loves children and is extremely affectionate, playful and affectionate with them – or did not he always have a childish side, which is always very alive in his personality.

In professional life, Crab has a hard time taking responsibility, hates to take risks and is not ambitious, always choosing to stay in the background, in a quiet position that does not require much of himself and allows him to have time for what really matters to him – personal life. He has, however, an almost prodigious imagination, being gifted to the arts or to a work involving creativity or, on the other hand, caring for others.

Your health often resents your mood swings and your powerful emotions, and may have a propensity for psychosomatic illnesses. As he is generally apprehensive about novelties and contingencies, he has a certain tendency for anxiety, nervous imbalances, and even depression. Your stomach is also very sensitive, paying attention to the food you eat. You can gain weight easily as it is usually greedy and likes to gift yourself with a fancy cake or ice cream, and does not like to do physical exercise as it is a bit lazy and lazy.

O sign Crab in summary: Affectionate, gentle, a little childish and extremely sensitive – this is the native of Crab, who is characterized by being generally the sweetest person in the group, who cares about others, who is easily moved, loves to receive pampering, kissing and hugging . Crab brought to the world sweetness, purity, a certain naivete and the strength of feelings. Everything in this sign is emotion. They feel with an intensity that the others hardly understand, and their intuition apuradíssima gives them a certain magical touch. Ruled by the Moon, they are temperamental and capricious. But how can a sign so sensitive to the outside as to avoid such mood swings?

In love, Crab gives himself soul and heart, feeling a huge need to be loved, protected and cherished. He is very affectionate and does everything he loves, but he is also very needy and possessive.

Signs with whom it is most compatible: Taurus – Scorpio – Pisces – Capricorn

Signs with whom you have major incompatibilities: Sheep – Aquarium

Crystal for your sign: Emerald – helps to attract love and preserve honesty in relationships, privileging truth and justice. It increases emotional balance and promotes calm and tranquility.

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