Discover unique wallpapers for your smartphone with Walli – Android

Discover unique wallpapers for your smartphone with Walli - Android

Walli provides the user with a unique collection of wallpapers for Android and iOS, while providing a space for lesser-known graphic artists to expose their work to an audience of millions. The Walli team carefully selects artists from all over the world, from the most varied styles, based on their work. In addition, graphic artists are rewarded financially, as the application shares a percentage of their profits with the designers who collaborate with it.

The initial menu is divided into four sections: categories, recent, popular and highlights (which contains wallpapers recommended by the Walli team). In the categories, we find a great variety through which you can search until you find the desired wallpaper, which includes, among others, animals, space or nature.

The more than 3,000 wallpapers are presented in HD format and include links to the profile of the respective artist. Thus, it is possible to access all the works made available to him besides to know a little more about the author of the image, through a short biography and links to his official website and social networks.

The latest version of the application includes a feature that allows you to change the wallpaper automatically by creating a playlist. The user selects the images that he wants to see included and Walli will reproduce these wallpapers at random.

Walli is available for free for Android on Google Play and for iOS on the App Store.

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