"Disrespect for Parliament". The unpublished motion adopted in the British House of Commons – The Economic Journal

"Disrespect for Parliament". The unpublished motion adopted in the British House of Commons - The Economic Journal

The British House of Commons today approved a motion that accuses the government of "disrespect for parliament" for failing to disclose the full legal opinion on the UK exit agreement (Brexit).

In an unprecedented decision, a total of 311 deputies, compared to 293, voted in favor of the motion against the Prime Minister Theresa May's executive, considering the summary report submitted to the parliament by the State Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, to be insufficient, solution to Northern Ireland.

On Monday, the Attorney General released a 43-page summary of that legal opinion and answered questions from the deputies in the parliament, where he justified the decision explaining that the full document should remain confidential so as not to "harm the public interest".

Today's motion, which urges the Government to fully disclose Cox's analysis – in keeping with what had been decided in an earlier parliamentary vote – was tabled by the Labor Party, the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), the Unionist Democratic Party (DUP) ) of Northern Ireland – allied with the executive – the Liberal Democrat Party, Welsh Plaid Cymru and the Greens.

The Government, which lost the motion could be subject to sanctions, including the parliamentary suspension of one of its members, has already indicated that it will fully disclose the opinion of the attorney general.

Geoffrey Cox also claimed today that the initial request for the full disclosure of the legal opinion was too vague and requested that the matter be referred to a parliamentary committee, which could prevent any member of the Theresa May executive from being suspended.

Approval of this motion has little direct impact on the 'Brexit' debate, but reflects the growing tension between the executive and parliament on the next steps towards the British exit of the EU bloc.

Also today, the parliament should start the debate on the divorce agreement reached by the Government and the European Union, before putting it to a vote on 11 December.

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