Diversity and union mark May 1 in Loulé – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Diversity and union mark May 1 in Loulé - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

President of Cape Verde present on the 25th anniversary of a party sponsored by migrants from this country who live in the Municipality of Loulé

The Meeting of Cape Verdians and their friends in the Municipality of Loulé marked this Wednesday, May 1 – Labor Day -, 25 years of existence and to celebrate this moment, the Municipality of Loulé joined the event with the inauguration of a sculpture that will, from now on, beautify one of the roundabouts of Avenida Laginha Serafim, in Loulé, as a tribute to the diversity of peoples and nations that have chosen the Municipality to live.

Written by the sculptor Paulo Neves, "Point of Encounter" is an apology to unity in difference, tolerance and sound coexistence. The piece, created in marble and lacquered steel, transmits precisely this diversity through the different colors that compose it and which symbolize the different peoples and continents, people from all over the world that pass here and who, in the background, have in Loulé its "meeting point".

"With this sculpture, we express, in an expressive way and through an original language, the diversity of peoples and cultures that the Municipality of Loulé welcomes and which reflect a humanistic and inclusive society, marked by the values ​​of tolerance and respect for the other, regardless of ethnicity, color, creed or religion, "said the president of the Autarchy, Vítor Aleixo.

The autarch recalled the historic July 5, 1975, date of Cape Verde's independence, "which arose in a fraternal embrace of history and affection with the Portuguese Republic, two States, two nations united in a destiny intertwined by the cement of a common language" . But he also spoke of the long presence of this community in the Municipality of Loulé – more than half a century – the first Cape Verdeans who settled here when building CIMPOR, anonymous but also those who stood out as the case of the musician Dino D Santiago or Father Carlos César Chantre, emphasizing above all "the precious participation of the Cape Verdean community in the life and functioning of the Municipality of Loulé, its insertion and cooperation for the national and international recognition of this Municipality."

The President of the Republic of Cape Verde, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, who this year joined the feast of his compatriots, underlined the importance of the diaspora for this country, also referring to the country's 44 years of democracy, currently a reference in Africa and in the world.

May 1st is celebrated since 1994 by the Cape Verdean community of Loulé with a meeting that goes through a multicultural eucharist, presided over by César Chantre, vicar general of the Algarve, himself a Cape Verdean, and for a meeting in the Hall of Festivals of Loulé, where there is music, dance, arts and African gastronomy. Yesterday the day was no exception and, with the presence of its maximum representative, the party was very lively and extended in the afternoon outside.



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