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This Thursday, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom will elect their representatives to the next European Parliament. In Portugal, the electoral process takes place only on Sunday, the 26th, but the appearance of new parties to apply can make it difficult to choose voters at the time of voting. To help them make an informed voting decision and combat abstention, the Global Shapers Lisbon community created a Web site which will inform you of everything you need to know.

In the page created by the Global Shapers Lisbon community, linked to the World Economic Fund, voters can find the list of 17 nominations that have been presented to the Constitutional Court to run for these European elections. For each of the candidate parties, information is presented to help perceive the different proposals and to perceive which candidate approaches most to their ideologies.

"We realized that there was a gap in the information available on these elections: only on one page of the Constitutional Court was it possible to find the complete list of candidates. Although many media coverage of campaign actions, this coverage tends to focus on larger parties, "says project coordinator and member of Global Shapers Lisbon, Nuno Carneiro, in a statement.

Among the information available to voters is the name of the head of each party's list (not to mention the smaller ones), the contact of email of the candidacy, the European political group that each will join, if it can elect MEPs, and links to Web site of the application, program and list of candidates. In addition, there is also a section with videos online of the debates in RTP1, SIC and TVI or to other pages that can help the most undecided voters.

The project coordinator explains that the Web site "Allows any Portuguese to quickly perceive all applications, and what each one defends." "We have already been contacted by several people who thanked us because this page made them feel truly informed to vote for the first time," he says.

O Web site also provides a link to a questionnaire that will tell you which political party will help you determine who should vote in the elections, based on what are the convictions of each voter. For the most forgotten or disinterested, this page redirects you to another page of the European Union where the reasons why it is important to vote are explained.

Portugal will elect 21 MEPs to the European Parliament. The European elections are, as a rule, those with the highest percentage of abstention in Portugal. In the last elections, which took place in 2014, abstention reached the record value of 66.2%.

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