Do not let your dreams die – Spirituality

Do not let your dreams die - Spirituality

We all have challenges that intimidate us, issues that we have not been able to resolve. We have all felt remorse, revulsion, or frustration. When these feelings override our confidence and keep us from moving forward, we often seek help in books, on the Internet, in therapists, in support groups. We move forward and develop strategies to deal with what we can not overcome, until we accept as "normal" what we can not change.

There is a certain relief in giving up, a calm that appeases, however bitter it is, deep inside us.

When we say things like "it was meant to be like this," "God did not want me to have children," "I was destined to have the same illness as my mother" or "I had to be very lucky to have my own company" , we are accepting that we stop believing that we deserve more and better.

When we give up, we are telling the Universe or God, as you would call Him, that we consider Him imperfect because He allowed us to fail, that we would not be able to realize the potential we once thought we might have.

When we enter this state of conformism, life often confronts us in a painful way with the image of what we so desire. We may have the news of someone who opened the business we dreamed so much about, or a friend who bought the car we wanted from a friend who is in love and found the pair that looks perfect. Life reminds us that we give up our dream and make us feel the pain of emptiness to make us believe again.

Talk about your dreams. It is when he stops talking about them that he lets them die. It is not easy to talk about something that seems impossible to achieve. But if you do not believe it's possible, it will never be. If you do not speak with your dreams, you will let them die within you, for not giving them life.

It is not easy to give without receiving, it is not easy to invest and not see results. But if you think that life gives you, without asking anything in return other than your surrender and your confidence, if you think that you were born without asking, that every day you receive a heaven that welcomes you, a sun that gives you life, oxygen to keep you alive, and countless blessings you have never asked for, you will realize that it is not so difficult to give life to a dream that is waiting to be realized.

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