Do you know what a personal finance clinic can do for you? – Money and Career

Do you know what a personal finance clinic can do for you? - Money and Career

Dr. Finance, a personal finance consulting firm, has opened the first Personal Finance Clinic in Portugal. Operating from 2014 throughout the country through its online platform, the company now has 80 employees and more than 50,000 requests for personal finance advice.

With the opening of the first clinic in Lisbon, at Rua Pascoal de Melo nº 116, in the Estefânia area, the company now favors direct contact with the client. The objective is to be closer to the needs of the Portuguese, providing services in the area of ​​personal and family finances, in the areas of Housing Credit, Consolidated Credit, Personal Loans, Life Insurance and Multi -risks, and working at the level of financial literacy with Workshops and training in the area of ​​Savings.

Rui Bairrada, the CEO of Doctor Finance, explains the revolutionary concept: "We see that the bank is closing branches and we wanted to do the reverse. Opening the physical store was a very important step in consolidating what was always its goal and which translates into greater proximity, also identified in the relationship we have with a doctor, the type of information sharing and the confidence that is generated, advice on how best to adjust our behavior and the consequent prescription of solutions that help you have a better "health".

At the clinic, you can rely on the advice of a specialized financial advisor, helping you to tailor your expenses and income to your needs, goals, and times of your life. Because having a financial advisor is not just a benefit of people with big money or big companies.

What can you do at a personal finance clinic?

In this clinic, the analysis begins with a financial checkup with the analysis of the main "pains of the wallet", detailing the expenses and income, so as to know where your money is going. Then we have the diagnosis with the identification of the savings alternatives and follows the prescription with the advice and definition of the action plan. In the last phase comes the treatment with personalized monitoring of the entire process until the realization of the savings that can help you to have a bigger gap in the family budget with the various solutions suggested:

Consolidated Credit: We recommend to collect all credits in one.

Housing Credit: We treat the health of high spreads and diagnose the best conditions.

Life Insurance and Multi-Risk: We safely prescribe the best insurance.

Training in Personal Finance: We pump financial literacy across the country.

Savings Workshops: We teach how to save because this is our specialty.

These services are totally free to the client, and developed in partnership with the main banking, financial, insurance and other partners, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the financial health of the Portuguese.

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