Do you know who is the most heard artist in Spotify? – Internet

Do you know who is the most heard artist in Spotify? - Internet

With 180 million active users, the streaming platform provides more than 40 million songs and podcasts. But what are the artists, songs and albums most listened to on the platform during its 10 years of existence?

In October of 2008 the service was born that intended to create a legal alternative and better to the piracy at the same time that compensated the artists by its art. Ten years later, Spotify has become an essential tool for promoting and spreading artists and has transformed the way we listen to music forever.

To commemorate a decade of existence, Spotify has launched a campaign in which it unveils the artists, songs and albums most heard of the decade, as well as the most transmitted music in each year since its launch.

At the top of the most listened artists of all time is rapper Drake, soon followed by Ed Sheeran. Regarding the songs, the roles are reversed with the "Shape of You", the Briton being the most listened to ever. With the album "Divide", the artist makes the full and leads the respective table.

Also as part of the celebrations, the platform will feature a "Decade of Discovery" playlist, which will include songs heard over streaming over the last 10 years.

O Spotify adds 180 million listeners monthly assets in 65 countries and has a repertoire of over 40 million songs and podcasts as well as more than 3 billion playlists created by users. The streaming service also reveals that since its launch, it has already paid more than EUR 10 billion to right holders.

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